Grenade, US Military

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A great gift for any military personnel - the Grenade pen, inspired by the classic Pineapple hand grenade. Derived from the 48-panel serrated cast-iron shell typical of this classic grenade. The pen body is precisely CNC machined from solid Aluminum keeping your pen lightweight (2.2oz). The pen clip at the top of the pen actually represents the Grenade safety lever, retracting the refill. That safety lever connects to the top of the pen, or Lug and Fuze, with an authentic looking safety pin and pull ring.

To extend the refill just click the plunger like a typical click pen. This pushes out the safety lever clip. To retract, pull the safety lever and watch the pen top explode out of the Lug and Fuze pen end. Features a Parker style refill for smooth writing performance, replaceable ink, this is not a one shot one kill grenage.